The Cool Greenhouse - Landlords/ 4Chan 7"

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The Cool Greenhouse - Landlords/ 4Chan 7"

Post by DrunkenSailorRecords » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:44

Out Now

The Cool Greenhouse - Landlords/ 4Chan 7"

What if The Fall, Pere Ubu and the Swell Maps got fed up with all that searing rock’n’roll business and decided to strip things back to the simple electronic beat of a knackered old Casio keyboard? What if they figured they may as well mumble some bon mots over the top, and smother it in nagging, lo-fi repetition, whether composed of discordant keyboard stabs or undulating guitar chords?

That’s right, you’d probably end up somewhere in the vicinity of The Cool Greenhouse’s batshit take on pop-mangling nonsense. If the above doesn’t sound worlds away from all your weirdo post-punk favourites, served up the likes of Rough Trade, Ron Johnson et al, you’re right – it’s all in the same wheelhouse. OK, here the rage and the noise seem more subtle but, but none of it is any less caustic or pointed than the sounds you already know and love to be baffled by.

What’s more, The Cool Greenhouse is piss-funny. On this two-track window into the skewed mindset behind the project, we open with Landlords – a searing take on the perils of renting that devolves into Kafka-esque levels of preposterousness while also remaining frighteningly recognisable. It goes from personalised number plates to chimpanzee-staffed call centres in just under three minutes, all to the strains of what The Desperate Bicycles might have sounded like while trying to rip off Hex Enduction Hour – in summary, fucking brilliant.

On the flip is 4Chan, a diary entry of sorts for a regular poster on the Internet’s most infamous troll caves. “Today I photoshopped 14 photographs of Tyler Durden and good old Patrick Bateman / And now my Steam account has two new followers and I’ve spammed some feminists with troll faces,” it goes, while two unsympathetic guitar chords crash rudely into each other ad infinitum. A hilariously bleak summary of life in certain quarters of the Internet, and an addictively excellent slice of horribly nervy pop music.

It might not sound like rock music as you know and love it, but it’s way punker than you. Stick it on – play once, twice, a thousand times. The Cool Greenhouse is your new 80s awkward hero, right here in 2019.
Will Fitzpatrick.

Buy HERE ... sailor-105

Stream HERE
https://drunkensailorrecords.bandcamp.c ... ds-4chan-7

Video HERE

next up is the Freak Genes - III LP, stream a song off it below

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Re: The Cool Greenhouse - Landlords/ 4Chan 7"

Post by Michael Quentin » Wed Mar 06, 2019 00:13

Will they have some of these when they play with The Shifters and The Birth Marks at Fuel in Manchester? I love not paying postage.

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Re: The Cool Greenhouse - Landlords/ 4Chan 7"

Post by everard » Thu Mar 14, 2019 15:16

if you're quick, has both 2019 releases in stock.

but, no:
It is with a very heavy heart that I announce that I will no longer be supporting the Shifters on their tour this week. I wasn’t able to get a band together in time, and I don’t feel up to doing my solo show, which is now discontinued, and wouldn’t have been much good anyway. Sorry to disappoint you all. I look forward to bouncing back in a few months with some new songs and a band behind me ... Do all go and see the Shifters anyway, they are fantastic and I’m very sad not to be joining them.
which is a great pity, because i was super looking forward to that bill tonight!

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