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ISS LP/ The Whiffs LP/ Sex Tourists LP/ Denim and Leather LP PRE-ORDER

Post by DrunkenSailorRecords » Fri Apr 27, 2018 16:35

Pre-Order starts today, All out Friday 18th May

Denim and Leather - Sacred Autism LP

Some bands make you feel like testing out a new pair of slippers in the local library. Other bands, maybe you’ll throw a beer down your throat before skating down a ravine. But the best type of bands make you wanna tear off your own ears and clamp ‘em to the heads of everyone you hold dear, while you scream ‘YOU CAN HEAR WHAT I’M HEARING, RIGHT?’

Denim & Leather
are the latter type. They mainly sound like Pissed Jeans flipping over a cement mixer while Kira-era Black Flag stand in a circle around ‘em, throwing firecrackers. Except for when they don’t – then they sound like the wooziest buncha too-cool-for-you guitar-slingers around, with lips curled to implausible angles.

Sacred Autism is their debut album and you owe it to yourself to go deaf to it at the earliest opportunity. Wanna hear what pure euphoria feels like? Cathedral Gardens is all punk energy and corrosive fury, the reason you got into this whole mess. Hatchlings is The Stooges starting a brickfight, then smirkingly denying all involvement. Ancient Cowboy Burial Ground, meanwhile, is serious business.

Think you can knock a band who share a name with a Saxon album? Just try it. Denim & Leather just made the best hardcore album you’ll hear this year, leaving everyone else with the unenviable task of attempting to follow it. Buy it, catch ‘em live, then steal a cop car and see if it’ll run on cheap lager. It’s a logical progression, trust me.
Will Fitzpatrick.

First 100 on Orange Vinyl.
Comes with instant download.

Buy The LP" HERE ... sailor-095
Stream The Record HERE
https://drunkensailorrecords.bandcamp.c ... -autism-lp


Nothing’s original. Everything’s up for grabs. Nothing is dead and everything is popular and we’re simultaneously experiencing restrospective appreciation for the entirety of pop culture in one fell swoop. Hey, fuck you man, I didn’t invent postmodernism; it’s happening all around us.

ISS know this and they don’t give a shit, which is why they’ve concocted one of the best punk releases of recent years from a combination of samples from their record collections and ultra-stoopid but mind-crushingly addictive hooks from their own fertile imaginations.

Eddie and Rich are the kids behind this North Carolina outfit, and their ‘we’ll take what we want from punk and make it punker’ approach makes for one helluva potent cocktail – just try listening to this without feeling like a brick in a rusty washing machine, I dare ya. (Dis)Charge It To The Game takes a breakneck D-beat, attaches it to an anchor made of sass and chutzpah then throws it into a canyon; meanwhile on Today’s Active Dads they make like Ty Segall (at his crudest) wrapping The Coneheads in gaffa tape, bundling them in the back of a car and driving them off a cliff face. Canyons and cliff faces? Hey, this isn’t about originality.

Post-punk-garage-sample-lo-fi-snot-core at its finest, basically. Originally released on tape in 2015, now finally available on vinyl and wonderfully, gloriously horrible. Buy it and throw all your other records away; this has already commandeered their best bits anyway.
Will Fitzpatrick.
First 100 on Red Vinyl
Comes with instant download

Buy The LP Here ... sailor-094
Stream The Record HERE

The Whiffs - ST LP

Some mornings nothing seems to go right. Get out of bed, trip over and break your nose. Get in the shower, the ceiling falls in. Make some toast, accidentally set the house ablaze and watch as all your possessions melt and crumble to rubble, dust and ash. And all before 9am.

The bus that takes you to the job you hate will probably probably late too.

But powerpop was invented for days like this - when all you want is simple (don’t call it ‘dumb’), effortless (don’t call it obvious) joy made by loud guitars and raw-throated voices singing songs of love and heartbreak, shot through with sunshine and melody that’ll make you wanna throw a match in a firework factory and dance as everything explodes around you.

Sound good? The Whiffs have got your back. Eight songs from Kansas City that recall Teenage Fanclub, The Rubinoos, The Undertones, The Shoes and The Pointed Sticks throwing their keys in a bowl and emerging with each other’s best songs. From the sodastream punk of Baby Tonight via the nagging rock’n’roll of She Lies to the gauchely lovelorn thrillride of Backseat, these songs tug at the heartstrings while pumping your endorphins via the most scintillatingly scrappy pop this side of The #1s.

Guaranteed to make your day better, to the power of infinity. Music to fall in love to – immediately after downing a bottle of cheap whisky, pogoing the length of the bar and being sick all down your shirt. Take a whiff indeed.
Will Fitzpatrick.

Originally released on cassette by High Dive Records
Remastered for vinyl by North London Bomb Factory Mastering.
First 100 on Pink Vinyl.

Buy The LP HERE ... sailor-091
Stream The Record HERE

Sex Tourists - ST LP

A Sydney-borne future classic in the making.
Downer synth-pop stylings that have New Order as a clear point of reference, but infuse the stuttering drum machines and shimmery guitars with a very Australian sense of anti-romantic fatalism. Some smart production brings these well-crafted poppers into the hi-fi field they belong in.

Featuring members of Aloha Units, Natalia And Her Naptime and Houseband. Originally released on Paradise Daily Records.

"Incredible ten track 12" from Australian synth punks SEX TOURISTS. I'd place this somewhere between the excellent, postpunk leanings of fellow Aussies ORION and the fine tuned, pop-inflected hits of TOTAL CONTROL. A serious contender and one of the best Aussie releases that I've heard in recent memory. Trust me, if this is your thing, you'll get plenty of spins outta this one."
Sam/ Feel It Records.

Limited European pressing.
First 100 on Colour.
Comes with instant download

Buy The LP HERE ... sailor-096
Stream The Record HERE

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