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Daytrip Records - Kinks indiepop covers LP

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 19:53
by daytriprecords
Some of you might not be aware that my label released a 12” vinyl/digital LP entitled ‘This Is My Street’ last month. The album features 13 covers of songs by The Kinks by some indiepop favourites. The tracklisting is...

1. Somebody Stole My Car performed by Cosines
2. Todo El Día Y Toda La Noche (All Day And All Of The Night) performed by Los Bonsáis
3. Picture Book performed by The Just Joans
4. Animal Farm performed by The School
5. I'm Not Like Everybody Else performed by The Sweet Nothings
6. Come Dancing performed by Darren Hayman


1. A Long Way From Home performed by Eux Autres
2. No Return performed by Stephen Todd
3. Autumn Almanac performed by Little My
4. Stop Your Sobbing performed by The Wendy Darlings
5. Till Death Us Do Part performed by Simon Love
6. Victoria performed by Laura K
7. Waterloo Sunset performed by The Catenary Wires

It’s available to buy on LPs are moving fast so act now if you want one. Thanks guys.

Re: Daytrip Records - Kinks indiepop covers LP

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 19:14
by daytriprecords
There’s currently a few copies up on Discogs for sale...