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The Groove Farm

Post by Arthur » Mon Feb 26, 2018 22:11

Last year The Groove Farm (Bristol C86/Garage-pop band) got back together for a one off gig which was a lot of fun.
So they're doing a bit more!
A Dandelion Radio session was recorded last week, and can be heard on Rocker's show through April!

Then the band will be off to play in Athens (at Death Disco) supported by Kissamatic Lovebubbles on May 18th

Shortly after that, RAVING POP BLAST! RECORDINGS Will be releasing a new Mini LP Featuring the Dandelion session and 4 additional
studio recorded songs as a 10" mini LP.


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Re: The Groove Farm / Clare (Sarah Records)

Post by Arthur » Fri Mar 16, 2018 14:27


The new LP 'Groovy Pharmacy' will be released on RAVING POP BLAST! limited vinyl (100) CD and Download in July 2018.
The LP has the Dandelion Radio session on one side. With 5 new songs on the other! And it sounds GREAT! If you like garagey-bubblegum-indie-pop.

But in the meantime ...MAY 1st sees the release of a 9 song LIVE recording (CD and Download) 'THE SURF SHOP' which was recorded at the reunion show in September 2017.
This is what CLARE WADD (SARAH RECORDS) said about the gig...

" I’m back in Bristol in the early autumn, the time of year I moved here as a student thirty one years ago. I’ve lived in London twice as long and grew up in Yorkshire, but Bristol is the place that made me, the place where I became the adult I still am.
I’m in Bristol this weekend to see one of the bands who made my first years in the city so exciting – because Bristol was an exciting place back then if you liked indie music. The Groove Farm are not a band many people noticed reform this summer, and aren’t the kind of band many take a 250-mile round trip to see (though I’m not the only one who has). I’m a bit unsure: I don’t much like nostalgia, but now and then it’s enjoyable to go back — and it’s always good to have an excuse for a weekend in Bristol. I think their set is tremendous, they’re as charming as ever, and all the energy and excitement of seeing them thirty years ago is still there. I’m pleased I’ve come".

You can buy these release from

We are also looking for other music to release so if you play garage punk, indie, fuzz-pop music, please get in touch.

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Re: The Groove Farm

Post by Arthur » Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:40

In 1986, when The Groove Farm first started, they used to cover 'Valleri' (The Monkees) and now all these years later they have recorded a version (Dandelion Radio session) that will appear on their brand new long player (out on Raving Pop Blast!) in July. (orders taken now!)

The Groove Farm were a indie-Garage band, inspired in parts by The Barracudas, Shop Assistants, JAMC, 60's Garage bands, The Ramones, The Monkees, Undertones and the Milkshakes. They always claimed they wanted to be 'The new Monkees'!
They had big fans in Matt & Clare who later started Sarah Records.

And now they are back! (on a part time basis as each member plays in at least 1 other band!)

Here is their version of 'Valleri' ...

Please try to enjoy it.

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