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Post by Furtho » Tue Oct 07, 2008 09:06

This is a plug posted on behalf of my missus, who has just opened a small online shop via the good people at I hope it will be of interest to fellow Anorak readers.

Mrs Furtho uses the name hannah-chan to make and sell amigurumi: genuine Japanese hand-made crocheted toys. Amigurumi are definitely cute and charming, with lots and lots of character - as you can see from the photo of Trixie the Bunny below. They are beautiful in themselves and make great, loveable presents.

hannah-chan has a small website here which contains a link to her shop. You're more than welcome to have a browse and - equally importantly - to forward the URL on to friends that you think may be interested. Thank you!


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Re: Shop

Post by Nicole Diver » Sun Dec 07, 2008 20:30

I'd also like to quickly spam about my folksy shop:

At the moment I've just put some purses up on there. I'll add some more things over the next week or so I think.

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