A website idea - HELP!!!

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Jangloid Mark
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A website idea - HELP!!!

Post by Jangloid Mark » Wed Feb 20, 2013 01:51

I have bought my sister an Ikea token for her birthday (she's moving house - it's what she wanted).

The website is badly designed (in my opinion, just like many of their products, although I'm sure that many would disagree with me on that).

I needed some assistance...and, just like any other corporate website, the customer service email IS there, but, you almost need to be a web designer to find it.

For the record, it is : customer.service@IKEA.com

That's when it hit me!!! Maybe I'm concussed as a result (you're supposed to laugh at this point....oh, never mind), but, it appears to me that such help things need unhiding.

So...a website simply called 'HELP!', which lists fished out help numbers and emails, all on one site - searchable, of course....and a form where users can submit their own fished out emails or other contacts.

This is SO simple - why the hell hasn't it been done already?

I'm not going to do this on my own website, but, if anyone knows any free (and ad-free) webspace, I'll be only too happy to set it up!!!
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Re: A website idea - HELP!!!

Post by MJHibbett » Wed Feb 20, 2013 08:57

Quick! To Kickstarter!!

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Re: A website idea - HELP!!!

Post by indiehorse » Wed Feb 20, 2013 09:46

I can't see any problems with this idea. Oh, apart from the following...

a) How will anyone know your site exists? Regardless of how labyrinthian the company website is, I'm more likely to find the information I'm looking for on there than on a site I have no knowledge of.

b) When I'm having trouble finding something on the interweb, there's this little tool I used called Google where I can type in exactly what I want and it will usually lead me straight to what I'm after.

c) There are a gazzillion websites out there listing company contact details. I know this because they constantly phone the office asking if we'd like to be included and the information is up to date...

d) ...Do you want to be the guy who spends all day phoning up companies to checking the information is up to date? An out of date email address is worse than not being able to find one at all.

e) If a website isn't listing an email address but it displaying other forms of contacting them prominently, then it probably means email isn't a particularly good way to contact them.

f) There may be a data protection issue (though I'm no expert on this front). If an email address is hard to find and you are relying on user input information then maybe it isn't meant to be publicly available.

g) Help.com, help.co.uk, help.net, etc are unsurprisingly already taken. Even helpexclamationmark.com is taken.

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Re: A website idea - HELP!!!

Post by Wheatabeat » Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:40

Jangloid Mark wrote: I needed some assistance...and, just like any other corporate website, the customer service email IS there, but, you almost need to be a web designer to find it.
Big companies like that hide help shit on purpose. Amazon are the world's worst for that. It's basically so they don't have to put any resource into that side of things and from experience where I work (which is quite a small company really), a huge part of your time can be swallowed up by someone fannying about with you because they can't use a screwdriver properly. It's sounds shit, but that's the way they do things. It's also the same reason why a lot of big companies have ludicrous amounts of tiers to go through when trying to get to a specific department. "press hash-4 to speak to someone about marketing, but not on a Tuesday or Thursday".

Indiehorse is right. If you can't find a specific customer service contact detail Google is already your friend. I've also been able to find out landline numbers really easily as opposed to 0845, 0800 numbers so it doesn't cost me any extra from phoning from a mobile device.

Rather than a website if you really want success you may be best developing an app, getting a load of great reviews behind it and letting it roll.
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