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Post by a layer of chips » Wed Jan 30, 2008 08:44

This is probably the wrong thread for this, but did anyone watch Horizon last night? The one about gravity?

I have the least scientific mind ever, but I always try and watch these programmes because they at least sound interesting - even if I'm lost about ten minutes in.

But this programme had - what seemed to me - the most useless presenter in the world on it. He never once explained WHY something happened, only that it did. Fine for all you eggheads, but no good at all for those of us who only managed to scrape a C at GCSE maths.

Also, he did that really annoying thing that seems to be a modern phenomenon on telly at the moment, where he pretends he's talking to someone just off camera. You know - like that do in cooking programmes. That right winds me up.

I was furious and confused after half an hour, so I turned over to 'From Ladette to Lady'.
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Post by Big Nose » Wed Jan 30, 2008 10:51

I watched it. Yes, he was very annoying. I guess they're trying to make Science appeal to "the kids."

"Cor blimey, gravity's pukka innit."

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