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Edinburgh (and other towns): Fresh, ME REX & Tea Leaf

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:14
by hardsparrow
Helllooo... just plopping by like a healthy-sized raindrop down your neck to mention a lovely emo-folk-indie-synth-punk* show I'm hosting in Edinburgh next week! We have...

Fresh (Specialist Subject) (Kathryn solo)
ME REX (Myles from Fresh's solo emo-pop project)
Tea Leaf (Tom from Hora Douse's incredible sad folk songs)
~ acoustic tour, the above three all playing solo and accompanying each other in various combinations ~
Blue Tiger (Mario from Plastic Animals' solo project, fuzzy dreamscapes).

Leith Depot, Edinburgh
8-11pm £6 otd/£5 adv/no-one turned away for skintness.

*I've made a GIF to clarify the genre mix... it's a huge GIF, sorry...


They're also touring across the UK and Europe from next Monday (including the Girl Gang Leeds birthday all-dayer in Leeds), here's the poster!