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Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 22:07
by Contravene
I had this ace idea for a TV show in a dream last night, its about this man who when he gets angry he turns into a different man in a really muddy garden somewhere until he calms down.

Kind of like a cross between the Incredible Hulk and Gardener's World.

It would be awesome.

That is all.

Re: Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 00:17
by Wheatabeat
Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank?


Re: Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 02:51
by Jangloid Mark
Goodnight Sweetheart - The Sequel

There are a million and one possibilities's ripe for picking...I'll just play on a few for now...

EPISODE 1 : How good are your connections?

It's the early 60's. Gary has settled down with Phoebe and has raised their son, Michael, and a daughter, Betty.
Michael is now 17, Betty 14. Michael brings his girlfriend, Lisa home. Lisa whose parents are well connected was impressed with Michael's knowledge of all things soon to b realised - and is more than curious to meet Gary...

EPISODE 2 : The sands of time

1962, and the Beatles have had their first hit, Love Me Do....and, as Gary knows full well, are about to have their first number one smash with the follow up, Please Please Me...a song that he has been playing since the mid-40's and claims - like many other Beatles songs - is his own. How will he explain this to Phoebe when the Beatles version goes to number one? The sands of time are seemingly running out...

EPISODE 3 : Two worlds collide

Things are closing in for Gary. The pressure is starting to get to him. He takes a stroll down memory lane - to the Royal Oak where some kids are playing football at the end of Duckett's passage. To his amazement, and certainly that of the kids, the ball appears to vanish into thin air.

EPISODE 4 : The road less travelled

The time portal has re-opened....but, does Gary dare go through? It would be 2015 the other side...and over 15 years since he got stuck in the past. He has no idea what kind of world he would be walking into - literally anything could have hapened. What reception would he get from Yvonne, Ron and everyone else he left behind. He eventually bites the bullet and finds a very different world to the one he left behind.

EPISODE 5 : The fragrent Yvonne

A stranger in what used to be his own time, Gary plucks up the courage to visit Yvonne - only to find that their old flat is now occupied by someone else. Likewise, Ron's printing firm is gone. Both Ron and Yvonne being vicims of the recession just a few years earlier. He finds out that Nature Boy Cosmetics went bankrupt, but, has no clue where Yvonne is, less Ron. A trip round old haunts leads him to cross paths with someone that went to his funeral over 15 years previously.

EPISODE 6 : Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight

Gary, having literally disappeared off the face of the earth for 15 years, presumed dead (except, of course by Ron and Yvonne who know what really happened to him), and now recognised, is being investigated for fraud. Yvonne's Nature Boy Cosmetics was a multi-million pound company when he disappeard. This brings him back into contact with a now, remarried Yvonne. To add to his woes, he finds the time portal has once again closed meaning he is stuck in 2015.

Re: Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:22
by graysonscolumn
I'm working on a pilot for US telly at the moment.

In it, Pierce Brosnan buys a duck from Victor Kiam.

The show's going to be called Remington's Teal.



Re: Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:28
by MJHibbett
Yes, I've been thinking of a remake too. It features Tom Selleck as a loveable war veteran, who saves crimes with his buddies through the methodology of baking luxury ice creams.

It's called Magnum PIE.

Re: Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 12:38
by linus
I'm getting a lot of interest for a 'treatment' I've done (it's come up all pink and lovely, doctor) about a wideboy from peckham, his lanky beanpole 'plonker rodney' younger brother and their uncle grandad who open a fast food van that sells nothing but mussels in a variety of rich gravys and their ongoing adventures in preventing people having 'just the mussels, thanks, none of the other'

it's called 'only moules in sauces'

Re: Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 21:26
by oldgreentieon
...monkey tennis?...

Re: Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 21:34
by a layer of chips
Duty Twee - in which people pretend to be into pop music by making rosettes and wearing pinnies. In Marbella. With Gwen Taylor playing the role of the indiepop matriarch.

Re: Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 22:52
by linus
the childhood adventures of an unconventional and misanthropic wouldbe medical genius growing up in rural minnesota

it's called 'little house on the prairie'


*unconvincing* tish!

Re: Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 23:50
by DoNotDisconnect
I'd like to make a post-Sachsgate revival of Fawlty Towers where the humour is mostly derived from the fact that Basil now has to massively restrain himself around an upsettable Manuel. Can you imagine??! It's basically the exact opposite of the original show.

"Don't mention his granddaughter! I mentioned her once but I think I got away with it..."

Re: Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:10
by Big Nose
Holmes Under The Hammer

In which I (or possibly a British comedian who can't quite cut the Mock The Week mustard) batters celebrities surnamed Holmes with a variety of hammers. (Possible sponsorship from the UK Hammer Manufacturers Association)

Ep1. Morning TV mysogonist and all round asshat Eamonn Holmes. With the round end of a ballpein hammer.
Ep2. Moustachioed Belgian TV detective Sherlock Holmes. With a claw hammer. (EDIT: My researcher tells me he may be fictional, but I am sure I saw him on the telly the other week.)
Ep3. Scientologist groupie and strange sort Katie Holmes. Special guest star baggy panted Christian rapper stroke pastor MC Hammer. Has a sort of battle of the religions gig going on.
Ep4. Dame Kelly Holmes. Has tentatively agreed to be chased over 800m by a teenager with a sledgehammer.
Ep5. TBC
Ep6. TBC

Re: Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:01
by graysonscolumn
DoNotDisconnect wrote:I'd like to make a post-Sachsgate revival of Fawlty Towers where the humour is mostly derived from the fact that Basil now has to massively restrain himself around an upsettable Manuel. Can you imagine??! It's basically the exact opposite of the original show.

"Don't mention his granddaughter! I mentioned her once but I think I got away with it..."

Funny you should mention Sachsgate.

By way of appeasement after the incident with the phone messages, Andrew Sachs accepted a gift from Russell Brand of a large lump of ice.

The ice itself was previously the property of London 2012 supremo Lord Coe, but before that had belonged to a prominent 19th century German monarchical dynasty.

All of which makes Brand's gift a Sachs-Coe-Berg-Offer.



Re: Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:05
by graysonscolumn
This thread is making me nostalgic about the "Lazy Comedy Slags" / "Lady TV Executive Twits" strand Lee and Herring used to have on This Morning With Richard Not Judy. Per that there Wikipedia:

"Lazy Comedy Slags

Lee and Herring would discuss lazy comedy clichés, such as jokes ending with "and then I got off the bus", "28 years old I was!", "And that was just the teachers... aaah", "and then I was thrown out of the public library... ah", "and then I got out of the toddlers' paddling pool... ah", and "and then I was sacked as head of the girls school biology department" and jokes designed to play on the audience's sense of nostalgia for the 1970s. During one episode they also brainstormed lazy comedy ideas for the BBC. Their ideas would usually include characters called Ian – a running joke which also featured in Sunday Heroes, with one of the disciples being called Ian. Programme examples included:

Roll Reversall
Ian Roll is a driving instructor, Ian Reversall is a baker. Due to some kind of accident they are forced to swap jobs. With hilarious consequences.

Pie In The Sky
Ian Pie is the landlord of the Sky pub. In an attempt to attract custom each week he buys a different giant pie which goes wrong and ironically scares the public away. With hilarious consequences.

Myy Cup Upstairs
Ian Myy lives in a flat. His upstairs neighbour borrows one of his cups and then doesn't return it. The series details Ian Myy's contrived and failed attempts to get back the cup that is rightfully his.

Babes In The Wood
Two babies live in a piece of wood. Simple but brilliant.

Chalk And Cheese
Ian Chalk and Ian Cheese are two men. They are very different. As different literally as chalk and cheese. Consequently they don't really get on but occasionally they do something which makes them realise they are more similar than they initially thought and then Ian Cheese falls in a stream to break the seriousness of the moment.

Bent Coppers
Ian and Iain Bent are brothers who are policemen. One is corrupt and the other is homosexual. They both suffer from curvature of the spine, and they're made of copper – they're robots in the future.

Ay On The Ball
Adem Ay, who used to do the video game reviews on Live & Kicking, loses his two legs in an accident. Zoe Ball feels guilty that he was sacked and so offers to carry him around on her back thus he is literally 'eye on the ball'. If Zoe not available then Johnny Ball definitely is.

Fruit And Nut
Ian Fruit, a flamboyant elderly raconteur, shares a flat with Ian Nut, a dangerous schizophrenic who has escaped from Broadmoor Hospital. Ian Fruit can only eat nuts, Ian Nut can only eat fruit, but they are both allergic to fruit and nut chocolate. As Ian Nut is mad he always secretly puts fruit and nut chocolate in everything they eat. With fatal consequences.

Honey I Swallowed Some Seamen
Rick Moranis plays a hapless professor who accidentally turns himself into a killer whale. Each week he attacks a ship and eats some sailors.

Men O Paws
It's about cats who can talk, going through the change of life. Possible Eddie Izzard vehicle.

Lazy TV Executive Twits

Lee and Herring discussed the laziness of TV executives after Rich received an offer from Channel 5 to make a programme about fishing due to his surname. They decided to submit some ideas to Channel 5 themselves, which included:

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Huge Furry Wishing Stall
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall tours the country in a gigantic mink lined stall granting peoples' wishes.

Fox watch with Dr Fox
Dr Fox hides a secret camera in the toilet of small American actor Michael J. Fox and watches him go about his daily ablutions.

Jeremy Paxman's Pacman
Jeremy Paxman goes round the country on a moped playing the early arcade game Pacman. He is not allowed to leave any town until he has clocked up the highest score for that machine.

Van Outen's Van Outings
Denise Van Outen goes out in a van and meets other people with 'Van' in their name and outs them as homosexual. Whether they are or not.

Dimbleby's Dim Bumble Bees
David Dimbleby presents a kind of candid camera programme for bees where the foolish insects are shown making mistakes like trying to collect pollen from artificial flowers.

Midge Ure's Midge Urine
Midge Ure travels around the country on a motorcycle looking at and sampling the urine of different species of Midges.

Lemmy and Leeming's Lemmings
In which Jan Leeming and Lemmy from Motorhead tame wild Lemmings.

Craven's Cravings
Newsround's John Craven talks each week about some of the things he has cravings for: food, alcohol and oxygen but mainly knitwear.

Johnny Ball's Balls
A specialist show for after the 9 p.m. watershed.

Zoe Ball's Balls
Similar to Johnny Ball's balls but involves expensive prosthetic make-up.

Woodward's Wood Wad
Louise Woodward, the clumsy nanny, is given a wad of money made from wood which she has to try and spend before her parents can steal it off her.

Seaman's Seaman
David Seaman goes round the country on a moped meeting different sailors.

Mel and Sue's Melon Zoo
Mel and Sue from Late Lunch appear in a fly on the wall documentary about a zoo they run where all the cages are full of melons.

Mike Reid's My Creed
Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Mike Read and Eastenders star Mike Reid travel around the country in a moped challenging each other's religious beliefs".


Re: Ideas for TV shows

Posted: Sat May 23, 2015 23:19
by This Is Helena
What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Bruce Willis stars in a show where he is haunted by the ghost of Gary Coleman. Most of Willis' interactions are interrupted by Gary's catchphrase which leads to Bruce Willis killing himself at the end of every show in ever more elaborate ways. Unfortunately for Bruce it's a comedy show and he ends up alive at the start of the next episode. Eventually the ghost character of Gary begins to intrude in his life outside of the show prompting various TV channels to make a reality show about Bruce and the voices inside his head.