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by gaolferrybridge
Wed May 28, 2014 18:37
Forum: indiepop
Topic: Colour Me Wednesday
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Re: Colour Me Wednesday

I'm loving the new release as well -- great songs, and great musicianship without over-production. I was especially partial to tracks like "Holiday From Your Life" and "I Thought It Was Morning" on the LP, and these new ones are new favorites. When I was listening to the release on Bandcamp I saw th...
by gaolferrybridge
Wed Sep 18, 2013 04:32
Forum: indiepop
Topic: Allo, Darlin'
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Re: Allo, Darlin'

A little unexpected, but you never know where the next Allo Darlin fan will show their love:

I think this is a student-run thing, for what it's worth.