Why are people putting things out on tape?

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Re: Why are people putting things out on tape?

Post by Trev » Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:39

sweepingthenation wrote: Obviously, again as with RSD, people proclaiming "I'm spending today DOWNLOADING!!!!" should be shot at dawn.
That's me.

It a gimmick. A shit gimmick.

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Re: Why are people putting things out on tape?

Post by richgilb » Thu Dec 12, 2013 10:31

Just raising a thread from the dead, I would like to contradict myself on an earlier post here when I said cassette tapes are shit. In the last year, I have decided to give up trying to reach out with digital media and formats, as I find the messages and the music gets lost in a sea of digital competitive noise.

I have decided that it will be an all analogue label from 2014 (at some point). So no digital recording equipment will be used and no digital formats will be available. Only analog. I will release on vinyl, cassette and a super small run of maybe 5 copies on 7" reel tape. I might even fuck facebook and twitter off.

I now have an old desk, a Tascam 8 track reel to reel and a BBC 2 track reel to reel for the masters. And i have a new way of working, along with some new songs here - what do you think?

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This reduces the chance of the label acts being heard, so cassettes need to come back into the fold in the same way there did when they were huge - a cheap and convenient way to get the music to more people than if it was vinyl only.


Re: Why are people putting things out on tape?

Post by noLooking » Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:19

Cassette Store Day comes round again (and no, there has still never been such a thing as a cassette store). Stuff that immediately stands out is Cassie Ramone (probably the only UK issue of the album), Wedding Present, Keel Her, Dog Legs, Courtney Barnett, Tiny Ruins, PINS, White Lung, etc.


I'm starting to like tapes again. I think the dimensions make them cuter than CDs, which are too wide and flat and won't fit in your pocket. Plus the fold-out artwork can look lovely. The Frau tape on Tuff Enuff is a gorgeous thing in which to wrap up a chuffing racket (although I say that in the best possible sense, there's never anything wrong with a chuffing racket). I'm rather looking forward to the new Dora Maar tape on Soft Power, though I'm slightly worried I'll have to pay more if it's coming from a foreign country by the time it comes out.

Tapes! Yeah!

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