Venues we have loved (and perhaps lost)

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Re: Venues we have loved (and perhaps lost)

Post by islandhopper » Thu Nov 13, 2014 20:22

Played my only London gig in there. Seemed a nice wee place and the band area to the side of the stage was suitably random. Of all the venues we played in a stupidly warm July it also wasn't the hottest!

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Re: Venues we have loved (and perhaps lost)

Post by tompony » Thu Nov 13, 2014 20:41

I played there twice, the first time supporting future Olympic Hero / general useless human being Frank Turner and the second with Das Wanderlust and the Retro Spankees, and it was lovely. These developments are extremely sad.

edit: I've just remembered that Lardpony's bizarre appearance on Sky News was filmed there, too. You wouldn't get that at a fucking Slug & Lettuce.

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Re: Venues we have loved (and perhaps lost)

Post by darvé » Fri Nov 14, 2014 10:43

mkgleeds wrote:They're building a pub under a pub !
Ah! Not quite.. The Famous Cock has been bought by the Slug chain, to become the latest bland space in London (not that that was ever the nicest pub anyway.. but thats not the point here) The Buffalo Bar is leased from them, so their new owner has the final decision on the Buffalo.. They dont seem interested in keeping it open, so it will probably become a storeroom or something.

i have this romantic notion that they'll just board it up, leave it there untouched and in 50 years someone will uncover it and remember what it once was.. I'm going to keep thinking that, cant face the alternative.
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Re: Venues we have loved (and perhaps lost)

Post by crystalball » Fri Nov 14, 2014 21:29

Too fucking sad. Too fucking predictable. Never ever had a bad night there - always filled with love, that place. The Man seems to want to erase every last bit of our breathless joy.

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Re: Venues we have loved (and perhaps lost)

Post by Carys » Sat Nov 15, 2014 16:19

There's a petition to save the Buffalo Bar here: ... responsive

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Re: Venues we have loved (and perhaps lost)

Post by indiansummer » Sat Nov 15, 2014 18:14

Sad to hear about Buffalo Bar. I'd also like to divert people's attention towards Liverpool City Council's plans to demolish the venues in Wolstenholme Square in order to put up more flats. because we really need more half-empty apartment complexes, apparently, and less spaces for culture that might actually attract people to move to the city.

Wolstenholme Square houses Nation - long-term home to Cream and a few other nights -BUT most importantly it's the home of The Kazimier - one of the best venues in the northwest, if not the country.


A fairly compact mid-size venue, the Kaz has hosted Jonathan Richman, Thee Oh Sees, Lambchop, The Ex, NoMeansNo and a plethora of other acts who would've sidestepped Liverpool in favour of Manchester when i were a lad. It's an incredible setting with a tremendous atmosphere, that's become one of the city's most-loved venues since opening its doors about 5 years ago.



It's also been used for theatrical productions, art exhibitions, comedy nights, club nights, craft fairs... basically it's something of an arts hub for the city, often working in collaboration with the sadly-departed Mello Mello cafe (another DIY space given up for more fkn empty flats to be built)

It also has the remarkable Kazimier Gardens round the back - a popular summer drinking spot/outdoor gig space



I could go on at length about how amazing this totally independent space is, and how important its become to the city in such a short space of time, but basically i'd urge you to sign the petition below. Liverpool needs the Kaz. Your support would be much appreciated. ... ier-nation
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Re: Venues we have loved (and perhaps lost)

Post by knibbles » Sat Nov 15, 2014 18:42

Oh that place looks lovely. I hope it's saved, along with the Buffalo Bar.
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Re: Venues we have loved (and perhaps lost)

Post by Wheatabeat » Sun Nov 16, 2014 14:18

Indeed. The probably deaths of these venues is awful. The Star & Garter in Manchester is set to be closed for a couple of years as the road it is on will be shut because of the redevelopment of Piccadilly train station for the HS2 project I gather. This road closure - which will strangle the scarce business it has left - along with being bullied by a rail company who have claimed the car park as theirs (despite Andy the landlord looking after it for over a decade by removing rubbish, needles and used contraception on a daily basis) will most likely be a step too far. In 2018 it may be a completely redeveloped area of town which may need a place like the Star and Garter but it'll probably just succumb to a compulsary purchase order by a rail company sadly.

To be fair, it's suffered a death by a thousand cuts for years. 'Smile' has long been a dormant indie night which hasn'[t seen a regular decent crowd since about 2010 and our Light It Up nights were a real struggle to promote (which we just about made work but with far too much stress and criminally low crowds but we managed to break even). It really is quite sad that so many iconic venues which provided a great space for DIY events just slide away with a whimper.
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Re: Venues we have loved (and perhaps lost)

Post by kofi » Mon Nov 17, 2014 12:04

The Buffalo Bar petition has reached 3500: not bad for 2 days! Even if it doesn't save the venue it has achieved something important already: it says to the people who run the Buffalo Bar that we give a shit about them losing their jobs at Christmas, and it registers a protest about the cultural vandalism, social cleansing, and frankly, act of class war that is closing a grass-roots arts venue for another fucking yuppie chain pub.

Please do sign the petition, and you can also contact the chain here: and make your feelings known. Choose 'The Famous Cock Tavern' in the drop-down box. ... -highbury/

I don't know the Liverpool venue but would sign a petition. Same for Star & Garter, where I was at a great gig with Frau and Ill last year.

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Re: Venues we have loved (and perhaps lost)

Post by humblebee » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:30

Birmingham's war on music continues. Where haven't we demolished yet? Oh yeah, the Flapper & Firkin. ... irmingham/

Not sure how reliable the rumour is, and the petition citing "always excellent performances by bands" is not to be taken 100 per cent literally, but it won't hurt to sign it, eh.

Another important venue on the other side of the country, Hull Adelphi, is fundraising for renovation - donate here if you feel inspired: ... ?utm_id=63

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