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Re: the elephant 6 recording company

Post by hhbtmike » Wed Aug 01, 2012 06:39

they were billed as fat planet for popfest that year. originally it was gonna be jeff mangum, bill doss, robert schneider, and will cullen hart doing songs as fat planet, which was the name of one of their high school bands. however jeff decided it wasn't time to return to the spotlight yet, so it was just will, robert, and bill. just a handful of people (e6 nerds) even knew what fat planet was. watching so many folks get that treat to watch those three guys do a set at a free show that afternoon was priceless. the weather was insane with this heatwave pushing 110 degrees, but once they started playing and word got out that room filled so quickly. i can't believe how many folks made it out that day and how packed it was by the end of the set. ....... i found the elephant six stuff around 1994-95 with chocolate usa and really became a big fan of it around 1997. overtime i got to know all these guys, and did records with them, did interviews for zines and magazines, and even booked shows they played. bill passing is a devastating loss. he was a very kind man that i've never heard anyone say a bad thing about, an excellent pop songsmith, a great friend to more than i can even count, and one of the most sincere people you'd ever have the pleasure of meeting. if you've never sat down with some olivia tremor control records do yourself a favor and look it up on spotify and listen loudly with headphones.

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Re: the elephant 6 recording company

Post by Mr Bear » Wed Aug 01, 2012 09:29

This is really sad news. I'm listening to Grass Canons as we speak, with a lump in my throat. RIP.

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Re: the elephant 6 recording company

Post by gloom button » Wed Aug 01, 2012 13:30

Another very sweet Robert and Bill moment from an Athens Popfest, also hard to watch without a lump in your throat:

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Re: the elephant 6 recording company

Post by timahall » Wed Aug 01, 2012 21:47

Awful news. I loved Dusk At Cubist's Castle. I still do. In many ways I think it's the defining record of the e6 collective. He'll be sadly missed.

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