help in setting a distro?

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help in setting a distro?

Post by hamsterguppies » Tue Jun 14, 2011 15:14

Hi, was wondering if I could get some helpful advice from this forum! I tried searching old posts, but couldn't quite find what I needed.. so here goes.. I have decided to set up a super teeny tiny distro. So I set a budget for myself and have gone around asking friendly DIY labels and bands. Now I'm just waiting for stock before I can "open". :)

Some thoughts I've been pondering:

- what is a good quantity to start with per title? I have a feeling my quantity is too little for volume discount, but then again I rather have variety of titles. Also my budget is really low, and I'm worried I'll be saddled with too many unsold stock.
- how do you do pricing? for me, pricing is a headache and the currency converter tool is now my best friend
- as a distro, how do you reach out to people who may be buying straight from label / band instead of distro?

hope these are not sensitive questions, and we can all share! many thanks in advance! :)

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Re: help in setting a distro?

Post by roundbitsofplastic » Tue Jun 14, 2011 15:25

Make friends with your local DIY promoters and take along your stock when you go to gigs, that's what I'd do (and have done). Take along flyers to all the gigs you go to.

I'd say 5 is a good number per release, more if it's something you think people might actually bloody buy.

I used to put more money on top of things that came in really cheap and less on things that were expensive. That meant that when the exchange rate wing was blowing in the right direction US CDr/CD release that cost pennies I'd knowck out with maybe a quis/£1.50 on top and that meant I could sell 12"s for reasonable prices too.

That said, no one ever actually bought anything off me.
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