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Sing for me!

Post by TheCatThatSaidYes » Tue Apr 12, 2016 19:55

Hello all,

My fair band Billy Ruffian ( are just putting the finishing touches to our new Anti-Boris, Anti-Brexit song. As it's all a bit political, but still very pop, we've recruited an indie-pop rabble/choir for the choruses. People we've played with, worked with, been influenced by...or just impressed by!

I'm really happy with the turnout and contributions so far but for one thing - none of the female singers I've asked have wanted to take part - either due to not having the time, or just not being keen on either the track or concept.

So I'm putting it out here to see if anyone on here's interested in helping me stop it being a 'sausage fest'? Give us a message and I'll link you to the chorus, lyrics etc if you fancy giving it a go. Deadline is one week tomorrow...

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