Train tickets (from St Pancras)

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Train tickets (from St Pancras)

Post by suborb » Mon Jul 24, 2017 16:34

As a result of a badly timed burst appendix (July injury season sucks; two years ago I broke my hand) I'm uncertain as to whether I'll be going this year, however if I do, I won't be taking the train and so I've got a couple of advance tickets that I won't be using.

Are they of use to anyone? 12.15 from St P -> Nottingham on the Friday, 12:41 from Chesterfield -> St P on the Monday. The end station is Alfreton of course, but that bit of the journey is unrestricted.

The tickets are in hand, so you'll have to collect them from me from in SW London (on tube) - at the moment I'm still a little bit too fragile to leave the house for too long.

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