Selling things on Etsy

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Selling things on Etsy

Post by Karenbee » Sat Jul 24, 2010 09:44

Does anyone here make things and sell on Etsy?
I make lots of little bits and bobs (felt robot magnets, monster keyrings etc) and was thinking of making more of them to sell on Etsy. I only really make things for myself and to give away to friends so am a bit scared i'm not good enough :(
If you sell on etsy how do you find it? do you sell much? it it easy to use?

thanks x

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Re: Selling things on Etsy

Post by yubo » Thu Jul 29, 2010 23:47

Hi Karen --

I have an Etsy store. It's been open for about a year and a half and today I just made my 100th online sale!

I don't think you should be scared of it. It's really easy and low maintenance. You get what you put into. I'm not very active so I don't get a lot of traffic. I find if you post things more frequently, you create more traffic. When you sell something, you come up in "just sold" searches and when you post something, you come up in "just listed" searches and I find those two things generate the most traffic to my store - sometimes I'll make two sales back to back and then nothing for weeks and I think it's because of the "just sold" search function. I've been preoccupied with my real job so haven't been keeping up so I don't get noticed very often, but every now and then I get a sale (like today!) that makes me feel good and reminds me I should post something. It's fun for a hobby for me. I'd have to be way more aggressive if I actually had aspirations of turning it into a day job.

I find the hardest part is taking good pictures because I have terrible lighting in my apartment.

You pay $0.20 for the listing for four months (you can renew for another $0.20 when it expires) and then a small percentage of the selling cost when you make the sale. So you don't really lose much by posting things that you don't think will sell so there is nothing to be scared of! Also, there's a lot of junk on there, which makes it hard to get noticed, but should also make you feel better about what you make yourself. Never think that you're not good enough!!

Anyway, GOOD LUCK.

-- yubo xo

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