Indie pop from Singapore and Asia

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Indie pop from Singapore and Asia

Post by hamsterguppies » Thu Jun 30, 2011 14:39

Hi, I just started a tiny little distro focusing on indie pop and girl vocals. I'm from Singapore, so it's natural that I hope to promote some of our local and regional indie pop bands! Do visit if you're keen on music from this region. Currently I have in stock:

- My Writes (Singapore)
- White Shoes & The Couples Company (Indonesia) - 2nd album
- Marshmallow Kisses (Hong Kong)
- Brilliant at Breakfast (Indonesia)

It's a tiny project, but I'm looking forward to stocking more! :D

The distro:

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Re: Indie pop from Singapore and Asia

Post by fac33 » Sun Jul 03, 2011 16:58

Marshmallow Kisses are fantastic. I'll have to check out those other acts, thanks!

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