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Band members wanted

Post by Popgun » Sun Aug 02, 2015 17:59


Having just returned from Indietracks, I now finally feel the need to form / be in a band. Unfortunately, I’m at the age when......lets just say I’ve seen The Wedding Present do an encore.

I’ve messed around with guitars for years, and can put a few chords together, more if the distortion pedal is turned up. I can get away with fairly simple root notes on Bass (and most of Joy Division’s catalogue) and can also keep time fairly well on Drums.

My favourite bands are broadly anything fast and jangly, including Wedding Present / Stereolab / Primitives / Popguns etc, but also Half Man Half Biscuit / Joy Division / Ramones.

Of the bands I saw over the weekend I really liked Fever Dream, Los Bonsais, Martha and Hi Life Companion. And POBPAH. And Cinerama. And The School.

I would like to sound like early Primitives / early Darling Buds / early Stereolab, but anything indie really, from anyone that will have me.

Location is that great metropolis, South Warwickshire and surrounding areas.

Please PM me, but I will be on holiday for much of August.


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