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Post by Woodbine » Mon Oct 01, 2007 11:06

Yesterday I went to the Lee Miller exhibitionat the V&A. It was great and I thorougly recommend it, although I seem to remember there being more stuff at the one I went to in Manchester a few years back. But, I think this claims to be the first complete retrospective of her work, so perhaps I've just imagined that, but I'm sure I remember there being more holocaust stuff. Anyway, it was great to be able to see the original photographs (and old copies of Vogue), but I thought there could have been more readily-available information, as she had a really fascinating life, and was one of those supernatural sort of people who managed to be brilliant at seemingly any form of art she turned her hand to, and was astoundingly beautiful at the same time. It was quite packed though, so I might well go back on a weekday before it finishes, if I get the chance, and do the audio tour. I got a nice exhibition poster though, and might go back and get the brochure (£25 if I remember correctly) at a later date.

You can get a combined ticket with The Golden Age of Couture exhibition too (the one where Courtney Love stepped on Kate Moss's dress the other week), but I couldn't persuade my boyfriend to spend ages looking at dresses, so I think I'll have to do that one some other time by myself. If you are going to go to that I'd recommend arriving early or booking online, as it's by timed ticket and despite arriving at about half two, they were only selling tickets to go in at about quarter to five, which wouldn't have left much time to look around. I did, however, buy a 2008 diary, which is illustrated with lovely vintage frocks. That might sound rather premature but I've got stuff to put in it for next year already!

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Post by dear rose » Sat Oct 06, 2007 09:40

I think I'm going to see that Lee Miller next week, and perhaps catch the couture show also. Going to make sure I go alone so I can just wander and look at clothes without someone getting immensely frustrated at me.

I also am contemplating a weekend in Venice to catch the Biennale before November, if flights and pennies allow.


Post by Justine » Sat Oct 06, 2007 13:42

I tried to see the MET in Berlin (a loan of pictures from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York) today...this weekend it will be open from 10a.m. till midnight as the exhibition will end tomorrow...I was there at 11a.m. but the queue was toooo long so I decited to go home again...

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Post by sarahluv » Thu Oct 11, 2007 14:44

anyone fancy accompanying me to any of the tate/tate modern or british museum exhibitions soon? i have memebrship, so it'd be free.

i also want to go to the seduced exhibition at the barbican, but it wouldn't be free.

i'm going to join the v+a too, before the 2 cureent exhibitions end.

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Post by bonjour_tristesse » Thu Oct 11, 2007 16:07

i really want to visit the V&A and the Tate for the Lee Miller, Turner Prize retrospective and Millais exhibitions, oh and there was a good one at the national portrait gallery too involving pop art portraits but i've worked out if I visited them all it'd probably end up costing about £50, booh. I wish I was still a student.

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