If you could have...

cat, geckos, bears, primates etc.
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Fantasy Boy
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If you could have...

Post by Fantasy Boy » Mon Sep 29, 2008 08:54

........... have one of these which one would you have as a pet and as a friend for life. Please remember you would have to feed,house and love it for ever.

1-A minature fully functional adult elephant. The elephant would be approxamatly the size of a small yorkshire terrier.It would have all the abilities of a standard Indian elephant but would have the convenience of being able to fit into your house and you could take it for a walk.

2-A unicorn. This would be a wonderfull pet as you would be the only person in the world (the universe) to own one. This in itself would make you very popular with everyone and give you a unique talking point. It would be hard work to look after as it would need to be groomed every day and it would need its spiralled horn polishing 3 times a fortnight.

3- A Siberian white tiger. What a wonderfull and rewarding pet this would make.It would be like having a large and vicous domestic cat. But here is the bonus, it would be trained not to attack you or your family members or 3 of your best friends. It would however attack all the people you hate.

I would like to own a brontasourous baby or a Syrian hamster.

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Re: If you could have...

Post by jayen_aitch » Mon Sep 29, 2008 19:01

Fantasy Boy wrote: I would like to own a brontasourous baby or a Syrian hamster.
Hang on, those aren't any of the options. I see how it is, it's one rule for you, and one rule for everyone else.

Right then, I'm making up my own too.

I would like a needy monkey that only I could see. The benefits would be that it could come with me everywhere and I could train it to do cool things. But with it being needy, I would have to be careful not to look crazy while lavishing attention on it in public.

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Re: If you could have...

Post by Emilie » Thu Nov 20, 2008 04:27

I'd like a pterodactyl that I could ride on, although I think I'd need a yard with a really big tree.

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