7th Annual Nottingham Pop All-Dayer, 4th October

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Re: 7th Annual Nottingham Pop All-Dayer, 4th October

Post by PontiacB » Sun Oct 05, 2014 20:20

Yep the Goose Fair was rubbish - I don't know why but I thought it would be a good idea to skip Night Flowers and wander down, thinking it would be something worth seeing. Won't be going again!

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Re: 7th Annual Nottingham Pop All-Dayer, 4th October

Post by a layer of chips » Sun Oct 05, 2014 20:28

Did people expect Goose Fair to be good? Never attend any event that serves mint sauce with mushy peas is a pledge I've kept since I first went there in 1992.

Thanks to all the bands and everyone who came and the ace staff and especially Phil the soundman, who is genuinely one of the nicest, most patient people I've ever met.

There's three of us who organise the all-dayer, so there's three opinions to cater for when it comes to the running order.

Anyway, I'm as weak as a kitten after a very long day yesterday, but it's all worth it.

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Re: 7th Annual Nottingham Pop All-Dayer, 4th October

Post by linus » Sun Oct 05, 2014 20:57

I've not posted on here for a while, but I'll post to say this, in our opinion (me, Sam and Ian's) we had 12 possible headliners yesterday and there was never going to be a running order that would satisfy everybody (bands and audience alike), the bands were dead fucking cool about it and respect is due to them, no band disappointed, all the bands were right darlings, whatever time of day they were playing

Yeh, in hindsight we may have made changes, but then again, whatever changes we could have made, there's still the band who has to play first, those bands that play in the afternoon rather than the evening and, I guess, any band that has to follow Spook School (fortunately yesterday it was Wimpshake, safe hands... their ONSIND/Headcoats covers were truly magnificent)

I'm still grinning from yesterday, my ears are still ringing (slightly less than they were this morning)

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Re: 7th Annual Nottingham Pop All-Dayer, 4th October

Post by sweepingthenation » Sun Oct 05, 2014 21:23

Oh yeah, I'm not trying to suggest you were wrong - hell, I'm about to embark on exactly the same thing booking and ordering-wise - just that that sort of set, one which really makes you believe a band will be huge come their next release*, feels like one not many others could ideally follow.

(* even though we know in our hearts of hearts they won't, and the entireity of their second album's mainstream press will be a cursory 7/10 in Mojo)

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Re: 7th Annual Nottingham Pop All-Dayer, 4th October

Post by northernlight » Sun Oct 05, 2014 23:03

Ah, that was fun! A big thank you to Andy, Sam and Ian - and all others involved - in making this happen.

In terms of the running order, I guess there can often be debate about that. Spook School would have made a fine headliner, as they did at Oddbox in May - As would several of the bands - I guess it is all down to a judgement call. Sometimes bands like to play early so they can relax and enjoy other bands, some want to leave early, some arrive late etc. It seemed that most bands playing arrived in good time, and hung around to enjoy other bands after they had played - which to me sounds in the spirit of the whole caboodle.

I must admit that I did misread the times of the lineup - I hadn't realised the tea break had been trimmed to be being 10 minutes more than the usual break. I guess this was to accommodate the sizeable 12 band-lineup.

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Re: 7th Annual Nottingham Pop All-Dayer, 4th October

Post by darvé » Mon Oct 06, 2014 09:26

I thought the line up for the early part of the day was spot on.. that run of bands from opening until Slum of Legs was possbily the finest afternoon of music i've seen in a number of years. Not a bad turn between them and great to see a room full of people for the early bands as well..

I left at the tea break as was on a flying visit from that London, already gutted i missed Wimsphake after hearing they included the Avocado Baby/Headcoats covers, another time though.... and one day i'll actually get to see The Spook School.

As always, massive thanks to Andy, Ian and Sam.. Heres to next year.
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Re: 7th Annual Nottingham Pop All-Dayer, 4th October

Post by islandhopper » Tue Oct 07, 2014 11:14

Yeah, thanks everyone. A great day as always. I think Slum Of Legs were my surprise highlights - didn't really know what to expect but they put on one hell of a show.
Can't say I was as surprised by Spook School as I've probably seen them (and put them on) more often than any other band in recent years but they really do keep getting better and it's always great to see them with such an appreciative audience.

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Re: 7th Annual Nottingham Pop All-Dayer, 4th October

Post by ianto » Tue Oct 07, 2014 16:32

Top marks again to all concerned. Had a great day and can't wait for the next one....

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