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Post by freson » Mon Jun 09, 2014 13:59

What a great day. All the bands were on top form, the weather improved considerably as the day progressed and the Pristine Christine ale lasted all day.

I was pleased Kev and Linda were noticeably less stressed by the evening, given the hurdles they had to overcome to ensure everything went smoothly.

The singalong was a welcome innovation. I wonder if Mark could produce a PDF version of the songbook for future events?

It's a shame the crowd wasn't bigger but hopefully word will get around that it is a "must see" event in the indiepop calendar.

To cap it off one of my favourite indiepopsters gave me a lift back to the hotel for which I was very grateful.

Roll on 2015.

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Post by timahall » Mon Jun 09, 2014 15:18

We had a fantastic time too! I've wanted to go the last few years so it was great to finally make it. Cosines, Milky Wimpshake, Sweet Nothings and Rafa Skam in his various projects were my highlights. Kev and Linda are the best. Go POP!

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Post by GUTC » Mon Jun 09, 2014 17:32

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about Going Up The Country we really appreciate them....despite my constant flapping which was almost calmed by Kev's don't panic attitude (but not quite) it turned out to be a brilliant day...... OUTDOOR STAGE The sun was coaxed out in time for the ever supportive Sunbathers sounding better than ever I thought and stayed out through the dynamic duo that is Mini Skips......you couldn't tell they'd only had one rehearsal behind the pub as lovely as ever Vinnie & Mark.....thanks for not only stepping in at the last minute for Hobbes Fanclub (get well soon Leon) but switching slots with The Sweet Nothings who didn't help my stress levels by announcing 'oh shit forgot keyboard' as soon as they arrived (a vital component not only for their set but Vacaciones later)......we'll come back to that keyboard!

Cosines hot foot from Cardiff and on route to Leeds were fantastic.... a number of people hadn't heard them and were very impressed so a few new followers which is great....Sweet Nothings as ever were 'Peace, love, pop thrills and international socialism' and played an excellent set... What an absolute hero Tim was to go all the way back to Sheffield to get that keyboard.....we''ll come back to that keyboard,.....The Proctors.....second visit to GUTC for them this time with the addition of Lisa and sounding so so good......just indiepoptastic....yayyyy we now have Perfect World on vinyl.....

Time then for Lesley Woods....wow what an honour that she asked to come and play.....no-one would believe this was the first time in over 30yrs she'd played to an audience and did as Kev requested sang some Au Pairs tracks along side new songs.....I'd never seen her before but loved her performance and stage presence....so funny when Valentino her cute little dog with the funnel started barking his head off as soon as mum got on stage....wonderful... the walk home with said dog and Lesley will always bring a smile to my face whenever I think of it....and for Kev it was her comment "Is there any water in this prison cell when she got into our spare room" no offence intended I'm sure ( a red wine moment) but so funny with Sally & Scott in stiches too.....it was a real pleasure to have Lesley and Valentino stay.....

Up next the OH SO popular Milky Wimpshake with their always entertaining upbeat punky sound and new drummer who was brill....special thanks to Pete & Jo Dale for all their help on the day too.....and so to Flowers who blew us away when we first heard them in Manchester and were an instant must ask for 2014....so pleased they said yes I think they had the same effect on the whole audience... Rachel has such a beautiful voice... one that gets right to the heart of you.......finally on the outdoor stage were our lovely Spanish visitors Vacaciones with their own unique brand of happy smiley pop songs.......we need the keyboard says Rafa....oh shit says Danielle I've taken it back to the hotel.....just as well I only had two halves of Pristine Christine all day....keyboard returned and ready to go they were fabulous even though us non Spanish speakers had to join in with gibberish apart from their super cover of Heavenly's Cool Guitar Boy..... who could go home not happy after that.....but there was more....

INDOOR ACOUSTIC......The very very busy Lisa Bouvier just back from The Flatmates NYPopfest triumph accompanied by Pete Bee entertained us with a great set and the brilliant song Every Year Until We Die.......our Indietracks anthem.....not long now :) What you can you say about Mini-Bar the ubiquitous Rafa plus Rut...they had the pub rocking and laughing when I came in trying to alert Kev that we were running late & needed to get Lesley on as near to her advertised 7pm slot as possible as Simon her friend had come especially to hear her with a very very tight time line train back to London....with a bit of juggling we did it and the indoor stage finished with Yellow Melodies more of Rafa at his fun loving best.....

OTHER STUFF.....Random Indiepop singalongs lead by Markie and the gang were awesome and the surprised looks on the faces of the few locals who were there was a picture......well done, a really welcome addition to the day and such fun.......could have done with a few more people there to browse Jo Dale's lovely craft stall Recycled Bird and Liz Hunt's Elephant Record and the other bands Merch Tent but I know they all enjoyed it......

The day was finished off with the annual Indiepop disco....Jamie Harrison (Kissing Just For Practice) had them dancing or should I say bouncing on the carpet from the start......me and Kev played our usual eclectic mix of records...not sure who it was but someone asked, after singing and dancing at the top of their voice to In The Country, who was that? Cliff Richard......walks off in amazement.....you wouldn't believe how long it took me to to find a copy at Record fairs bargain for £1...

Well after that epic post just a big thank you to everyone who came from far and wide especially Heinz from Hamburg for the 2nd time and obviously our Spanish friends Vacaciones thank you for the presents too ......all the Macmillan helpers, Paul Donlon our superb Donut Sound man from Crewe and his lovely dad Stan, Rhythm House Hanley for great kit, Scott for doing the door,Jacks & Danny for packing up. My AstraZeneca Unite Branch for their terrific monetary donation, Morissons, John Taylor, his friends and a few of my friends for raffle and tombola prizes , Beckie Morley for loan of her keyboard stand, and last but not least Barbara, Graham and staff who were wonderful....this event would not have worked without them and their Church House Pub the best community pub in Congleton.....will update on the charity donation later...Thanks for your support and apologies if I've forgotten anyone...it was a long couple of days but so worthwhile........ Linda & Kev x

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The Sunbathers
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Post by The Sunbathers » Mon Jun 09, 2014 18:26

A spot of drizzle was never going to spoil this!!

We had a great time - catching up with old friends and making some new ones.....

3 cheers for Kev & Linda!!!

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Post by eccythump » Wed Jun 11, 2014 00:20

Huge thanks to Kev and Linda for setting up such a great day. Thanks also to the Church House staff for keeping us all fed and watered so wonderfully. Thanks most of all to the bands and solo artists who performed so beautifully, in spite of rain, sun and bees! First time I've been. For me it combined all the best parts of Indietracks in miniature - namely the good-will, good causes, friendliness and enthusiasm from people who have a genuine love and understanding of the unifying and purifying power of great music. Brought along a friend who lives locally and knew none of the bands, but was impressed enough to say she fancies trying a day at Indietracks this year.
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