i enjoyed it, but what was the title?

I love a talking book, me
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i enjoyed it, but what was the title?

Post by everard » Sat Jan 09, 2010 09:51

i'd like to re-read a novel i read in the mid-90s.

the plot as i recall it --

it's set in a small town in the usa: a walmart-type megastore has opened outside the town & all the small businesses are shutting down. the narrator's grandparents run a mom & pop store that's clinging on but looking on the way out. he & a friend decide to kidnap the ceo of the megastore & they keep him in the back room at the small shop. he of course succumbs to stockholm syndrome, won over by the small town charm, so promises to make huge changes to his company's business policy. eventually they let him go. he fucks them over.

other details --

dark comedy
american writer
published early 90s
mainstream enough to have turned up in skipton library

does anyone know the title? i've tried googling a bunch of times over the years but with no success.


maybe someone else will be able to make use of this thread too.

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