Corry-Orry! or Coronation Street if you prefer

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Re: Corry-Orry! or Coronation Street if you prefer

Post by Sylvie » Thu Sep 24, 2015 15:43

a layer of chips wrote:Last night's live show plot was spread a bit thin, but the Roy and Cathy bits were great.

Also, did anyone think fella me lad in the chippy was miming to the piped music in there when the sound went a bit dodgy?
Yes, me and Andrew both thought he was lip-syncing!

I thought it was pretty flawless apart from the sound problem. The close-up of Sarah Platt had me on the edge of my seat in case she started laughing or something, but she did it really well. I agree, the storyline was a bit flat, but the Roy & Cathy bits were nice (even though I wasn't sure about Roy moving on this soon when Cathy was first introduced).

We sometimes watch Corrie on +1 or catch-up, but made sure to watch it at 7:30pm so it was live live. That's probably sad, but we did go to the Corrie tour* for our 5th wedding anniversary, so I think we're a lost cause...

*Corrie tour is ace, by the way.
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